Welcome to the Online Campus!

The Online Campus is committed to providing ALL students with educational opportunities that will prepare them to be successful, responsible, and productive citizens in the community. Students who apply to attend the Online Campus have an opportunity to seek help, set goals, and make decisions for the future. How each student chooses to use this opportunity will have a lasting impact on their future. If students act contrary to their goals, the school rules, and to the laws of this community, they will lose the right to direct their future and will place that responsibility in the hands of others. We firmly believe that parents/guardians, teachers, counselors, and friends can only play a supporting role in a student's life and in the choices he/she decides to make. However, the ultimate responsibility lies with the student. Students are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and their future by making good choices and controlling the direction of their life. 

Bret Hart

Principal, Alternative Programs